What will you find here?

  • - Listen to music mix online by DJ Henoch.
  • - Learn about DJing
  • - Overview of the DJ Equipment
  • - Download your favorite dj sets in mp3 and get the podcast feed in iTunes.
  • - Read reviews and post comments about London bars and clubs.
  • - Enjoy safe and lega music (see Legal information)
  • - Post comments and thoughts about music and the dj sets released

This website is designed in a minimalist style on purpose so that you can enjoy listening to music online, download music in mp3 or get the feed into iTunes.

Mixes are recorded live by DJ Henoch and browse different styles of  music: all kind of electro (dance music, trance, techno, trance goa) but also good funk and soul music.

This website is not mercantile and not a penny will be generated from it. There is no advertising and there won’t be.


DJ Henoch

Contact: dj-henoch at dj-henoch.com

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