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First thing first, you need to develop the well known DJ skill. But don’t worry, this is not that difficult, and once you have it it won’t go away!

  • Listen to your tunes like a DJ

You probably need to forget the way you listen to your music and focus on the tempo. 1,2,3,4 and again 1,2,3,4… After some time and experience you’ll get to have an intuitive sense of the different tempo. This will also help you for the second important section about beatmatching.

To give you a rough idea here is a few styles and ranges:

- Minimal techno: 120-128 bpm
- House: 126-129 bpm
- Trance: 128-136 bpm
- Hip-Hop: 85-95 bpm

  • Who’s fast who’s slow? ride the pitch!

Here is the proper skill and what takes a little bit of time to develop: which tune is ahead of the other one that you need to slow down? (or the other track to speed up) If you can, focus on the hi-hats can make your life easier but would not apply to all kind of tunes. Please bear in mind if you haven’t bought your DJ equipment yet (talking here about CD players and not turntables) that the bigger the jog wheel is the better and accurate the touch will be to speed up/slow down the tunes with a little touch of the fingers. Also, when you speed up/slow down a tune to beatmatch the other, go the same way with the pitch in little increments.

Apart from these advice you do not need to read much more, all the rest is about practice…