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Support Children

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Hi guys,

as you know this is not usual for me to take the floor. There is a great cause behind this: children. The idea of littles ones being neglected or abused is just unacceptable and I feel I must do anything I can to help them.

I have been a supporter of NSPCC for quite a while. NSPCC is a British charity that addresses any form of cruelty towards children. They detect (schools), protect and offer support. I’ve decided to step up my commitment and raise money to run the London Marathon on April 26th. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

If you would like to know more about NSPCC please follow the following link:

If you would like to support us by giving even small, please have a look at my fundraising page:

I took a bit of time to figure out how this show could support children and this idea finally came up: I want to record a mix that will be a tribute to children, a demonstration of how much we love them. And I want all of you, fellow listeners to be part of it! Let’s do a little game. ;-)

Every one of you can send me your 3 favourite songs  containing the word ‘Children’ or ‘Child’. I am going to collect all these and pick up the best songs to include in our next show to support children. If one of your song (or more!) got picked up I’ll ship a CD of our ‘Children Mix’ directly to you!!

To send me your tunes, you can use the ‘Send voicemail’ sticky button on the right side of the website (it’s free, like anything else on my website), post comments or email me directly at dj-henoch at dj-henoch dot com.

Let the campaign begin!!

Thank you

DJ Henoch