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Köln Kompakt 1

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Köln Kompakt 1 Illustration

Köln Kompakt is the first CD in the famous Kompakt CD collection. Very minimalistic, the peculiar bass and infra-bass sound texture is already present in this little jewel, announcing the further success story of the Kompakt Label.

Here is the track listing:

  1. Kandis – Set Tecker
  2. Studio 1 – Sieben/Viertel
  3. Thomas & Mayer – Elbchaussee
  4. The Modernist – Apple Electronics
  5. Dr Walker & Freddy Fresh – The Moment we’ve been waitin 4
  6. Tandem – Tandem
  7. MI5 – Eng
  8. Thomas Brikmann – Auszug
  9. Pentax – Not
  10. Triple R & Emanuel – Messbecher
  11. Jürgen Paape – Anfang Januar
  12. OM 1 – Opium
  13. Dr Walker & Mr Flux

The fifth track is a lovely tune that sounds a little bit different because it could fairly be recorded by DJ Shadow, the tone of the album is minimal definitely in a low range bpm apart from a few tunes like Elbchaussee.

This album is definitely a buy!

DJ Henoch